Miami Beach & Boardwalk Attractions

Come soak up the sun at one of the World's premier adult playgrounds. South Beach is a destination like no other.  Experience the beautiful people as you stroll down Ocean Drive.  Enjoy the high-end shopping on Collins Avenue.  Enjoy people watching and the finest in outdoor cafe dining on Lincoln Rd.

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Must See:

Espanola Way

The first commercial development on Miami Beach in the early 1920s, Española Way was built to serve as an artists’ colony, modeled after romantic Mediterranean villages in France and Spain. Quintessentially bohemian right down to peach-colored paint, the enclave is a cultural gem.

In May 2017, The City of Miami Beach completed a $2.5 million revitalization project making it a pedestrian-only street. Today, Española Way is experiencing a renaissance, fulfilling the vision of those who built it nearly a century ago as a place for locals and travelers to gather, create and celebrate.

Sensual then and now, Española Way is an immersive and transporting experience, and not to be missed.

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Lincoln Road Pedestrian Mall

A pedestrian mall located between Alton Road and Washington Avenue featuring unique stores that offer items not typically found in malls. Lincoln Road is dotted with many restaurants and cafés. Most restaurants offer either indoor or outdoor seating, including in the middle of the pedestrian mall area.

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