Frequently Asked Questions

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When will the Miami Beach Boardwalk Construction Be Completed?

It's Completed!

The last section of the Miami Beach Boardwalk (beachwalk) was opened just before Memorial Day 2022! You can now walk/bike the entire 7-mile length of Miami Beach's Atlantic Ocean shoreline from South Pointe Park to 87th Terrace at Surfside.

Can I display and sell my art (or other items) on the Miami Beach Boardwalk?

Vending and for-profit sales activites:
For-profit vending is not permitted on the Miami Beach Boardwalk. There are specific "street performers" and "artists" zones that require a permit. Also, certain "non-profit entities" can set up tables as long as they have the proper permit.

The City of Miami Beach offers fifty-eight (58) locations for artist vendors and sixteen (16) locations for street performers which are awarded by lottery for three (3) month periods.

You can find more information regarding permits and the lottery system at the City of Miami Beach Government Website

Can I do a photo shoot on the boardwalk?

Film and Photography Permits:
Film and Print permits are required for individuals or businesses wishing to conduct commercial film, television, video, photography and all other media use projects taking place on public property, at residential locations, when city services are required or when productions may have an impact on traffic/residents/city services.

Check the official 'Film & Print' section of the City of Miami Beach Website for more information.

Can I host a private (or public) event on the boardwalk?

Public and Private Events - The City of Miami Beach hosts a wide variety of special events (both public and private) that enrich the community for both visitors and residents. If you are interested in having an event on Miami Beach, please refer to the "Special Events Requirements and Guidelines" located here: Special Events Guidelines

Here is a link to access all of the Miami Beach special events forms: Special Event Forms

Can I ride an electric bike (e-bike) on the boardwalk?
No. Miami Beach police have recently started cracking down on the use of e-bikes on the Miami Beach Boardwalk. The police are now exercising a "zero-tolerance approach to these motorized bicycles and electric vehicles". If caught on an electric vehicle on the boardwalk, it’s a $129 fine, similar to a moving violation traffic ticket. Don't do it!

Can I ride my bike on the boardwalk?
Technically, you are not supposed to ride bikes on the boardwalk or beachwalk. However, most of the path south of 21st street is "bike friendly" as long as you ride slowly, are courteous and yield to pedestrians.

Can I walk my dog on the boardwalk?

Walking your dog on the boardwalk
Technically, pets are prohibited in public parks and beaches except for designated dog parks. See Miami Beach City Ordinance Section 10-10. However, at any given time you can find people willing to risk the small fine by walking their dogs on the boardwalk (south of 21st street) with leashes.

Generally speaking, if you are not being a nuisance or making an ass of yourself, Miami Beach is a pretty laid back place and you can pretty much be yourself. Just respect other people's right to enjoy the boardwalk and always clean up after your pooch and you won't have any problems taking your dog for a walk.

Dogs ARE NOT allowed on the sand on Miami Beach.

How much does it cost to visit the boardwalk?
There is no cost to enjoy the Miami Beach Boardwalk (Beachwalk). The boardwalk is part of the City of Miami Beach public park system.

What are the hours of operation of the Miami Beach Boardwalk?
The Miami Beach Boardwalk is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Where can I inquire about a lost item?

Lost and Found:
Lost and Found on the beach is located at the Ocean Rescue Headquarters located at 1001 Ocean Drive. 305-673-7714

Where can I park when visiting the boardwalk?

Miami Beach Public Parking

  • 7th Street and Collins Avenue Garage (210 7th Street)
  • 13th Street and Collins Avenue Garage (1301 Collins Avenue)
  • 16th Street and Collins - Indian Beach Park an (4601 Collins Ave)

Cost for parking: For parking rates on Miami Beach, please click here

Handicapped Parking:
Vehicles displaying a handicap parking placard, a Disabled American Veteran license plate, a Wheelchair User Symbol license plate or a similar item from another state or country, receive free parking at all parks and at all metered street parking spots.

Where can I rent or borrow a wheelchair?
Accessibility and the beach
The city of Miami Beach does not provide wheelchairs for general use. They do provide beach wheelchairs that have oversized wheels for use on the sand. You can learn more here: Beach Wheelchairs

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